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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fundamentals Factory for Youth Basketball

Ray Lokar is a 30+ year basketball coach who has been immersed in the sport at all levels from very young youth basketball coaching all the way up to coaching at the college level. He has also been involved with the Positive Coaching Alliance and is currently the lead trainer in the Southern California area.

We recently partnered with "Coach Lok" on a series of excellent instructional training resources. "Ray Lokar's Fundamentals Factory for Youth Basketball", currently in post-production, is an amazing series of teaching points, drills, exercises, life lessons, coaching tips, team building and more. Coach Lok is terrific in his approach. He works with a group of young kids, most of whom have never worked with him before, and transforms them over the duration of this DVD, into a team-like unit capable of great potential.

I'll send out a note when this DVD is completed and ready to ship. If you are coaching any level of youth basketball in the next 12 months, I will strongly recommend this as a "must-see" DVD!

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