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Monday, September 27, 2010

Instructional Videos From Top College Coaches @ iHoops

Instructional Videos From Top College Coaches | iHoops

As iHoops puts it:

If you're going to learn how to play basketball, why not learn from the best minds in the game?

Thanks to Championship Productions, iHoops now has an inside look at how top college basketball programs are able to win every season.

Whatever the program, these videos break down different basketball drills, tips and plays that these elite coaches use to be consistent winners. They're now sharing their secrets with the world, so you too can understand how a great basketball team operates.

iHoops is a terrific website full of excellent resources ... check it out!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ray Lokar - Youth Basketball Coaching DVDs

Ray Lokar, lead trainer for Positive Coaching Alliance and a 30+ year basketball coach, recently shot two new instructional DVDs with Championship Productions. They are now in post-production, but having viewed the camera tapes, any coach who purchases these is in for a treat!

Ray Lokar's Building an Effective Youth Basketball Practice
features Lokar's philosophies on every aspect of coaching a youth basketball practice; the only thing missing after watching it was the actual practice plan in a format that I could print out ... and ever the overachiever, Coach Lok soon thereafter submitted a PDF file of his actual practice plans + several other valuable files (fundamentals, drills, etc.) that will make this the best youth basketball practice planning DVD you have ever purchased!

Ray Lokar's Fundamentals Factory for Youth Basketball
is similarly excellent, and also is now the most comprehensive collection of youth fundamentals on one DVD I have ever seen. It will be over 4 hours when completed ... and on 2 discs ... and every minute is just excellent instruction. Coach Lok's style of coaching and teaching will have you rooting for the players by the end of the disc and have you wishing he was the local youth basketball coach in your community. This is a group of players new to him at the beginning of the shoot (except for his son who is in the DVD) and by the end of the DVD, their transformation to a better performing unit is nothing short of amazing. Paired with his practice planning DVD, you will be a better youth coach after watching these DVDs. They are both due online at Championship by late October.