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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clarifying the Intuitive

Yesterday, I completed the online course, "Double Goal Coaching I - Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons" from Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

Following my 'final exam', I received a certificate of completion and a note of congratulations from the folks at PCA.

The image above is of Positive Coaching Alliance founder Jim Thompson, who founded PCA in 1988 at Stanford University where he teaches classes in coaching, leadership, sport and spirituality. He provides narrative at different times in the online module, along with several sports figures, including PCA's national spokesman, Phil Jackson.

The course is really well done and for me, it clarified the intuitive thoughts that I have long held about what is wrong and what is right when it comes to parents on the sidelines, athlete behavior at practice and during games, what is the proper way to start off a season, and on and on. Based on observations of good and poor examples, some training, some reading and video research, I have formed many opinions and strategies when I have coached youth teams.

The terrific packaging and clarification, all backed up with sound research and effective video examples, by PCA made the process of taking the course a complete joy. We have partnered with PCA's Ray Lokar on several youth basketball coaching DVDs (due out later in September) and he uses the 'double-goal coach', 'second goal parent', 'triple impact athlete', 'flushing mistakes', etc. terminology of PCA throughout his DVDs.

Having now read the books by Jim Thompson and now taken the course, I am pleased to recommend it for anyone coaching at any level!

Here is a link to one of Jim's books on our website:

It is a terrific read!

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