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Monday, August 16, 2010

Flooding the Fields

In the past week, we (in Ames, Iowa) have experienced the wrath of what happens when it rains for several days straight (following the wettest winter and summer on record) and there's no place for the water to go.

Here are some excellent aerial photographs (thanks to the Des Moines Register):

A few things I observed:
  • Post-1993 flood planning and excellent teamwork by the City of Ames staff minimized the worst case scenarios.
  • Sump pumps can only work as long as there is a way and place for the water to get out and go somewhere.
  • People band together in times of crisis.
After losing drinkable water, power in parts of the city and use of nearly all public park facilities, less than one week later, students are moving in at the University, some soccer practices are being held tonight, and we are able to drink tap water, shower and brush teeth again.

Appreciate everything you have right now - you never know how great you have it until it is taken away from you!

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